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Horror On 18 Wheels

Wed Jun 14, 2000 9:47 am

They buried another Police Officer here in Ontario Canada today. How did she die. She and two other officers had pulled over a vehicle that matched the description of a car wanted for a robbery. This took place on Hwy 401 near the city of Chatham. The 401 is the busiest highway in Canada and runs from Detroit/Windsor boarder to Quebec. Some a**hole trucker comes up from behind and cleans out the three Police cruisers and the stopped vehicle.

Everyone was hurt and sent to hospital with Officer dying two days later.

What the hell is going on with these truckers. This officer is at least the fourth to die in recent memory after being hit from behind by some 18 wheeler.

Its not just the Police who are dying out there. It could be your mother, your brother or your spouse next time.

It is my opinion that deregulation in the trucking industry has lead to way more truck traffic than the roads were designed to carry. Dereg. leads to more competition which in turn leads to smaller profit margins which in turn leads to less maintenance. Somewhat like the aviation industry.

I'd be interested in hearing your 18 wheel horror stories and your opinions on the trucking industry.

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RE: Horror On 18 Wheels

Wed Jun 14, 2000 10:02 am

Actually, I wouldn't link it to maintenance at all (other than a few cases, but overall not bad). The problem is the number of hours spent driving. The amount of money earned per mile is so low that truckers simply have to fudge their logbooks in order to earn a living and drive an insane number of hours, but fatigue becomes pretty severe for these guys. I don't blame them for it, what needs to happen is an increase in payments per mile driven for truckers and a corresponding decrease in hours driven. Either that or a faster speed limit to allow them to drive further in the same amount of time, I for one think a 10 km/h (at least on less heavily traffic routes, such as say out here on the prairies) increase in speed would probably reduce accidents IF there was a corresponding reduction in the number of hours driven.
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RE: Horror On 18 Wheels

Wed Jun 14, 2000 1:18 pm

All valid points and I'm not suggesting that the majority of these accidents are caused because of faulty trucks. More than likely they are the result of driver's simply falling asleep behind the wheel. Having said that however, in recent Ontario Provincial Police spot checks it is a regular occurence for up to 50% of the trucks checked to be pulled off of the roads with problems serious enough to yank them. If I am not mistaken the majority of these problems are brake related. We are constantly seeing bigger (ie heavier) trucks and with that comes an increased emphasis on brakes.

I appreciate your input AC 183.

We owe it to all road users to make the roads safer for everyone.

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Watch This Movie!

Wed Jun 14, 2000 3:20 pm

...DUAL! It was one of speilberg's (spelling?) origional movies...if not his first one. That move was great! It scared the pants off of me and is the main reason I hate large trucks and busses today!

Basic plot (keep in mind, i havent seen it in a while)
A man is driving across country and on the way, he encounters this 18 wheel truck...all beat up and rusted. It follows him throughout the trip and tries to kill him several times. In the end...wait a minute...I can't give it away   It sounds silly and pointless when I explain it over the internet. It really is a great film though! TRUST ME!

I am sorry if this doesnt seem on topic. Afterall, this is a movie about an 18 wheeler that haunts and tries to kill this man.
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RE: Watch This Movie!

Wed Jun 14, 2000 8:47 pm

Hello, we here in Maine had a horrible tragedy a few years back where an 18 wheeler rammed a stopped car that was in the breakdown lane with 4 teenages in it ( I knew one of them) and killed them all. He had fallen asleep at the wheel and drifted over to the side of the road right into them. You guys are right on all points!
BTW I have seen the movie WinAir talks about, it is pretty good!

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