Texas - A Lone Star State Of Mind

Sat Jun 24, 2000 6:03 am

For any of you who aren't from Texas, or have never been there, you are really missing something great. Texas is like a whole other country, to use the tourist line. We have the 11th largest economy in the world and are at the forefront of the digital age, as well as sharing in the many different cultures in that inhabit this great state. Did I also mention that we have the best Tex-Mex food and the best beer (Shiner) and the best music?

An interesting poll was conducted a few years ago. People were asked if they considered themselves from their state or from their country (USA) in priority. Residents from 49 states considered themselves Americans before i.e. Floridians. Texans consider themselves Texans first and foremost, and Americans second (That is why I don't get involved with Boeing v. Airbus and US v. Europe)

What do you think?
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RE: Texas - A Lone Star State Of Mind

Sat Jun 24, 2000 12:40 pm

I live in texas but i do not consider myself from texas, i hate football, i do not like most of the sports played here( l ski,play hockey . tennis, and lacrosse) i do not have a texan accent so I consider myself as more of a maryland person, i like being noticed, i love urban areas too, so i am canadien or north-eastern kind of guy.
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RE: Texas - A Lone Star State Of Mind

Sat Jun 24, 2000 1:01 pm

Sorry to piss on your cornflakes but the rest of the country is tired of hearing all the "Don't mess with Texas"/ "It's a whole other country" hype. Been there several times, had a good time, met nice people...but, as the saying goes, it aint all that. EVERYplace is nice in SOME way,and everyone has a right to be a "booster" for their home state, but quite frankly Texas lays it on a little thick. Godawfulest climate in the US. It manages to combine Arizona's heat with Florida's humidity where most people live. I don't care how mild the winters are. Just too damn hot. Not green enough. Don't bother ragging on "my" state from my profile because 1) It's not my Home state... and...2) I'm not a provincially minded person. Not knocking you per se',but the hype.

RE: Texas - A Lone Star State Of Mind

Sat Jun 24, 2000 8:32 pm

I think Texans suffer from size fixation disorder. Everything is big big big (or am I small?), the homes, the cars, the cows, the bulls, the obesity, the big number of executions.. you name and if Texas has it rest assured it going to be positively big. Ok stereotypical humor aside, I do think Texans are very much of a different mindset from the rest of the US. I haven’t a clue why.

Texans seems way too conservative for me, put it this way.. I’m a Liberal and don’t think Texans ever bothered to work out the difference between a Liberal and a communist and communist are despised which makes me feel like an outcast.

I have family in Texas and do enjoy the visit but would not want to live there. As a native Californian I just don’t see Texas and California culture as compatible.
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RE: Texas - A Lone Star State Of Mind

Sun Jun 25, 2000 2:05 pm

LBSteve, I have to agree with you. Texas and California are as different as night and day. While you prefer Cali, I must say, I am a Texan first and foremost. Yes it's hot, but growing up here, that almost becomes an afterthought. I've lived with it for 27 years. Maybe Texans are a bit cocky, and arrogant when it comes to pride in our state, but you must admit that Texas boasts some of the friendliest people in the nation. I do love Texas, and as I said earlier, consider myself a Texan first, and an American second. But, I can certainly see how some of you think we lay it on a little thick. You would just have to live here and have been raised here to understand. When you think that 150 men sacrificed their lives at the Alamo in 1836 against a Mexican Army of about 5,000 all in the name of Texas independence, it tends to make one respect what they fought for. Just my 2 cents.

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