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If You Had TWO Months Left In Your Life..

Wed Jul 12, 2000 12:02 pm

What Would You Do...

I know this is a morbid topic, but believe me, there is a point. I've heard much talk on "living your life to the fullest" and I've started to realize that I, along with many people I know, have been taking life (and health) for granted.

If (touch wood of course) you had two months left in your life, what would you change about yourself in these two months? How would you make the best use of your time and make the biggest difference (going on a cruise and spending your life savings doesn't count). How will you plan to live these next two months to make your life, the lives of your family members and friends and society better?

Or will you choose NOT to? And how is this different from what you're doing now?

I'm hoping this thread can expand into some sort of self-exploratory discussion... I, for one, don't want to continue to merely survive day after day, I want to LIVE.

(As you can see I'm in a weird mood today!)  

Warmest Regards,

"Living without regret is difficult, but if you
haven't given it a try by the day you die,
you might as well regret having ever lived."
- Myself.
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RE: If You Had TWO Months Left In Your Life..

Thu Jul 13, 2000 8:05 am

What are you doing to us!?

I think I would probably choose to spend time with my family and friends...talking, expressing thoughts. There are many things that we would like to say that we often don't. I don't mean hurtful things...I mean constructive things. When my Grandfather died a couple of years ago, I am told that he said, "There are so many things I'd like to say." He never did get a chance to say those things. Travelling and spending money on yourself on your last few months means nothing because, after you die, who cares? Spending time talking, expressing, guiding will make others happy that you spent time with them and, who knows, you may impart a message that will help them in their lives. That's what I'm doing in my life now...communicating more.
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RE: If You Had TWO Months Left In Your Life..

Thu Jul 13, 2000 11:03 am

I would spend most of my time with my family and friends and those who i love most and apologize to them for anything i might have said or done and that i did not mean it and i am sorry, and i would do the things that i will be able to do instead of just sitting around all day being on airliners.net!
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RE: If You Had TWO Months Left In Your Life..

Thu Jul 13, 2000 11:22 am

I of course would spend all of my money and go on all the aircraft types I want to. But other than that, I would spend it with extended family and close friends. There is one person in particular.

Here is a quote I live by

"It is impossible to fly with the eagles when you work with turkeys." - Pushing Tin
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RE: If You Had TWO Months Left In Your Life..

Sat Jul 15, 2000 2:45 am

If I had two months left to live...I would sell off or give away everything I have. My car would go to my sister; my furniture to my friend Jamison, who has none; many personal keepsakes would be distributed amongst my friends and family. I would spend whatever time I had left in the company of good friends and family, going out to eat, sitting and talking, taking fun trips.

The latter, actually, are things I do most of the time, anyway. I try to make a difference in whatever way I can, whenever I can, every day. This is what I would choose to do if I had two months left to live. I don't think I would change much of anything.  


RE: If You Had TWO Months Left In Your Life..

Sat Jul 15, 2000 3:03 am

I will not just spend all my money but will make sure that I maxed out on all my credit cards.

RE: If You Had TWO Months Left In Your Life..

Sat Jul 15, 2000 3:33 am

play a lot of golf

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