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What Do You Think Of Hate-Crime Laws In The US

Mon Jul 17, 2000 11:45 pm

Anybody care to touch this topic?
I think that hate crime laws are unnessasary. If someone kills someone because they are a different colour, etc., that shouldn't be used to make them have a bigger punishment. It should only be used in determining if the accused did, in fact, commit the crime. Punishment should not be determined by the thought behind the action, but the action itself. If you do punish someone for what they think, isn't that what George Orwell predicted would happen? We may just be about 16 years late if these laws get passed. And if they do, then they will get abused to the biggest extent. Why? Because this is the United States, and people do that.

No I am not a racist! I believe in equality for EVERYBODY!

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RE: What Do You Think Of Hate-Crime Laws In The US

Tue Jul 18, 2000 12:15 am

Good topic, Hole_Courtney.

I for one believe hate crimes to be a new and inevitable classification for criminal acts. I wholly and fully advocate hate crime legislation because it has become necessary. There should be strict punishments for all crimes, make no mistake, but I think it is all the more despicable when one person commits a crime against another solely out of hatred for that person's sex, religion, race or sexual orientation.

I also believe punishments for crimes should be much stricter. I think the US criminal justice system provides FAR too many loopholes and allows people to get away with too much, or else metes out punishments which are far too lenient for the crimes committed. There is simply not enough incentive for people NOT to kill, steal, commit acts of terror, etc. If there were, perhaps crime wouldn't be such a problem.
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RE: What Do You Think Of Hate-Crime Laws In The US

Tue Jul 18, 2000 1:52 am

I agree with Hole_Courtney. The punishment should be chosen by the crime, and not the thoughts behind it.
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RE: What Do You Think Of Hate-Crime Laws In The US

Wed Jul 19, 2000 2:58 am

Isn't all crime motivated by some sort of hatred.. think about it......

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