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Any Animal Lovers Out There?

Tue Jul 18, 2000 7:15 am

Do you love animals? Do you have a preference or do you go gaga over anything with four (or less) (or more) legs?

I love cats and have two (Bert and Ernie) at home. However:
-- I don't like anything that doesn't have legs (i.e. snakes).
-- Dogs and I have an agreement: I don't touch them and they don't bite me
-- Rodents and anything else with constantly-growing teeth also think I taste good

I'm okay with small puppies, though... And I've been known to put on a pair of leather gloves and hold the small animals (rodents) because nobody else pays attention to them (besides feeding and watering).

In the past I have had:
five gerbils, Inspector, Darwin, and Midnight (in succession)
three parakeets: Lemon, Blueberry, Green. Lemon was the long-lived meanie!
five goldfish
one dog (Sandy)
two other cats (Abu and Francine)
and more than twenty foster cats/kittens (Pigeon and Mischief; Lucky, Diamond, Flame, Patch, Purl, and Tawny; Carrie, Blanche, Neige, and Leon; Kittle, Clue, and Bear; Madison, Baby, Big Girl, Screamer, Twin and Twine; Sassy, Gris and Midnight; and another Lucky) those are the ones I remember!

Anyone else love animals?
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RE: Any Animal Lovers Out There?

Tue Jul 18, 2000 8:39 am

I love cats. I have 2, Hercules (8 years old) and Pasha (8 weeks old)  

RE: Any Animal Lovers Out There?

Tue Jul 18, 2000 11:23 am

I love animals too! I've got a bit of a menagerie...

On any one day you will find the following in my house:-

2 Cats
1 Dog
5 Birds (Incl. 3 Lorikeets, Sulfur Crested Cockatoo and an Indian Ringneck.)
Tropical Fish aqaurium
Outdoor pond with fish

Feeding time at 7:am is chaotic.

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RE: Any Animal Lovers Out There?

Tue Jul 18, 2000 9:47 pm

I have two dogs: Fritz and Molly. Fritz is a Miniature Schnauzer who is quite independent (read, stubborn!   ) at times, and Molly is a Spaniel mix breed I found at a shelter a few years back. Never thought that I would have liked small dogs until these two came into my life!

RE: Any Animal Lovers Out There?

Tue Jul 18, 2000 10:06 pm

I'm a doggy man. I have a passion for Rottweilers - they are the best dogs to have. They are actually extremely loving, and good protection as well. I have three of the holligans at home. They are called Papagena (named after some opera character or something - my dads dog), Wolfgang (named after Mozart - my moms dog), and Amore. (She is my own rottweiler. Her name means love in Italian - beautiful name in my opinion)

For lap dogs, I love Fox Terriors. Her name is Mcavity (named after the mysterious cat in "cats"), and she acts like a cat, the way she jumps all over the bloody place. She is my own, and loves me lots. The feeling is mutual.

I also have an English Springer Spaniel. He is very soppy, but he'll love you till you die. His name is Cornwall (named after the county in England - where they originated from)

And then I have a cat - Tiffany. Very fussy, ALWAYS clean, very independant, all she does is sleeps and eats, but she is still a lovely cat.

We've had a bird, Peter, and many fish that have all died.

Other than these animals, I love penguins and dolphins.

RE: Any Animal Lovers Out There?

Tue Jul 18, 2000 11:19 pm

I've got two dogs, a cat, and fish. One dog is a Lab mix named Maggie we rescued from the shelter, the other is a Weimaraner (the dog that is dressed like people/William Wegman) named Wille, after Willie Nelson. Our cat is named Dylan and the fish remain nameless.

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