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Questions For Admin Johan

Sun Aug 06, 2000 4:49 pm

You have a great thing here BUT can you explain WHY in posting, you cannot TAB just once to get from Username to Password entry box??? Gets very frustrating as I have to use mouse to get there quickly.

And what about being able to "login" if desired and keep the user info saved so it could be auto-entered on posts as many other forums do? Just wondering...
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RE: Questions For Admin Johan

Mon Aug 07, 2000 3:29 pm


I will add those features (using cookies) asap. There's plenty of things I want to do under the hood of this forum and in time things will get a major work-over. It's just that there's so many other sections to work on and so little time. Currently I'm occupied with the new server hardware. Airliners.net is running on quite a machine right now (think Jaguar XJR) and you should be able to notice pages and photos loading faster. There's still a lot of fine tuning to do however and it will take all my time the next week or so.

Please bear with me, the Airliners.net forums are an important part of the site they will be improved on shortly. Hang in there...

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RE: Questions For Admin Johan

Thu Aug 10, 2000 1:13 pm

Hey Johan, Sounds good man!!!!!


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