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Dick Smith

Mon Aug 07, 2000 1:34 am

this whole vegemite thing promoted me to have a look at Dicks website..

Kraft is actually owned by Phillip Morris, vegemite is owned by Phillip Morris..

oh yeh other stuff like:

July 28 2000 - No Dick Smith Vintage Cheddar Cheese

We've had many requests for a Dick Smith's vintage or extra tasty cheese. We've decided against doing this because most of the cheese in this category comes Australian-owned companies. One of my reasons for starting Dick Smith Foods was that I wanted to assist Aussie farmers and companies by fighting back against the imbalance of foreign-owned companies, so that some profits stay in Australia.

That makes me tingly hehe

And one thing of particular intest to me:

"I am personally very concerned about the loss of our local words. Especially one that particularly worries me is that "bloke" is now called "guy" as they do in America"

I can't stand the word guy.. in fact id like everyone everywhere in the world from now on call ur friends ur mates and use bloke instead of guy.. whether ur yank, pom, chinese



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