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Thu Aug 10, 2000 3:52 pm

Hey Guys I Was Wondering First Off What Kind Of Server Ya Got & The Specs. Second What Type Of Connection Does It Have To The Internet I Would Assume A T-3 Minnimum Probbaly Two??? And Last But Not Least What OS Are You Using I Would Guess Unix.?.?.?
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RE: Techie Question 4 Admin

Fri Aug 11, 2000 6:27 am

From the Airliners.Net About Us section:

"The site is situated in the north of Sweden at the University of Luleå. It's running on a Slackware Linux machine with an Apache http daemon compiled with PHP support, installed. The search engine is powered by MySQL and all pages are made using Emacs."

Takes a bit of looking around, but it's all there. Pretty much all, anyway.

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