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Olympics In Sydney

Sat Aug 19, 2000 5:34 pm

I think the Olympic games in Sydney are going to be a lot of fun and very exciting. We have so much to offer here in Sydney and the venues are spectacular. Including Volleyball right on Bondi beach. The city is going to become a 24 hour party zone and most companies are winding back or encouraging people to work from home. I heard that in the US there won't be live television coverage because of the time difference. So it's all going to be delayed coverage. I guess you can catch a lot of live Olympic action on the net if your going to be staying up. Anyway - good luck to the teams from USA. I think we Aussies are going to kick some ass in the pool and on the track. But I think that the US has the best basketball teams. McDonalds and United are Olympic sponsors here. And there's going to be a mega McDonalds at the athletes village. I just wonder though whether McDonalds is the best food for athletes to eat during the Olympics. I love McDonalds fries. But if I were in training I think I'd have something with a bit more bite to it - like a double whopper with cheese. Mmmmmm.


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