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Airfighters.net Status

Sun Aug 20, 2000 10:37 am

I heard some people on this form talking about a possible airfighters.net. I am very interested and I am wondering what is the status on this project.



RE: Airfighters.net Status

Sun Aug 20, 2000 6:33 pm

Its status is "Work In Progress"

Johan is first concentrating on getting this website working the way he wants it - once all the scripts are working correctly & efficiently, they can simply be duplicated onto the "sister" site.

Features added to Airliners.net within the last couple of months include:
- a registration field for the photos (to aid ID & searches)
- an upload stats features for photographers (to track the status of their uploads)
- a re-upload feature for photographers (to replace their earlier "bad" scans with better ones)
- a new forums for Tech/Ops, Non-Aviation, & Trip Reports

At the same time, Peter is working on standardising location and operator names, and I'm working with him on standardising aircraft types (all of which will make searching easier by eliminating odd variations of the same thing). These are all long-term projects as we can only work on them in our spare time ... still, we've made surprisingly good progress so far!

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RE: Airfighters.net Status

Tue Aug 22, 2000 11:35 pm

what will happen to current military photos
on Airliners.Net - will they be moved
or the Airfighters will search airliners database for acft
military marking?
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