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Aeronautic Engineer!

Fri Sep 08, 2000 12:01 am

Hello......long time no see!My pc was broken ..

I am in 12grade and it is time to decide what proffesion I want to study in college.
first of all I wanna be an Airline Transport Pilot.

my question is what its Aeronautic Engineer,what do they do ?

@@any help would be appreciated!!!!
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RE: Aeronautic Engineer!

Fri Sep 08, 2000 3:25 am

I go, as some of you may know, to ERAU. I have the Undergrad syllabus in front of me, and the following stuff is in the Aeronautical Engineering degree:

Go here to find out: http://www.db.erau.edu/catalog/undergraduate/programs/aeroeng.html

(But it must be said that I'm doing Aero Sci instead, and that one is specifically geared toward ATP.) Please note that this is not a COME TO ERAU! post. It's just a summation of what's on the syllabus. I like it here, but I've only been here one week!

The Aero Sci is specifically geared toward ATP as I said, so maybe look at that too: (this is the course I am, as yet, taking, but I may change to the Business side of the industry at some point...)


Hope that is of help to you.


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