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Life And Evcerything About It

Sat Sep 09, 2000 1:59 am


I live in Ireland
I am just 15
I lived in Switzerland until 4 and a half years ago.

My story:

Am I the only one in the world to think that life sucks. Between school, exams and everything else I am honestly am on the point of going mad. Everyone I cared from primary about dissapeared one by one like domino blocks. Ok, my friends are great but whats the point. One day in an year or 2 we will all have split up in our different directions anyway going to different colleges. The friendship ends at school. Well what can one expect when I live at least 10km without public transport from anyone from school. There is truly nothing to do in my aerea if you do not like golf, horse riding or soccer. And then going to school and being attacked by teachers. And the point of it all. Well there is no true point. Life sucks

Well I said what I wanted to say now its your turn.

Jeremiah Teahan
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RE: Life And Evcerything About It

Sat Sep 09, 2000 2:16 am

do you talk with your parents about that?
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RE: Life And Evcerything About It

Sat Sep 09, 2000 2:59 am

First off, I am someone who has probably spent half my life saying goodbye to people. I moved around quite a bit growing up, and this nomadic existence continued well into my adult and professional life. After grauating from university, the longest I spend in one place was about five years, and I have lived in a number of areas in the world since then.

I feel, thus, I can sympathise with what you are going through. The good news is that it's not all bleak though. One of the things I found I must do in order to stay sane is not to worry what's going to happen or where I'm going to be next year or two years from now. I've learned I have to enjoy the friendships now; I've got and live in the present and be thankful for what I have right now.

Once more, even when I have packed up and moved on, I have never failed to connect and make friends wherever I have ended up, despite my fears that no one will like or understand me!

Don't get me wrong, saying goodbye is not easy, and after all these years it does not get any easier. One thing that has helped me is I have a core of a half dozen close friends I have stayed in touch with over the years. We still correspond (even if its only infrequently) and get together once and a while when are paths cross.

Do any of your friends have a driving license? Could they come out and visit you, or could your parents take you into town so you can hang out with your friends for the day. A little inginuity may be all that's involved in keeping from going stir crazy.

I wish there was more I could say that would help. I guess the best advice I can give is stay in the present and worry only about the present both good and bad.

All the best!

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RE: Life And Evcerything About It

Sat Sep 09, 2000 4:03 am

Yes, life sucks. I often find myself think what is the point in living. We get nothing out of it and we die. In the morning before school my parents are reaming me out because I might be 5 mins late for school. I get to school and the teachers are getting all riled up over god knows what. We end up getting an hour of homework every night. Then immediately after school some days I have to go to my part-time job which goes from 4-10. No time to go home to eat anything after school. I get home, I still haven't done my homework, so I have to do that which means I'm up late and the day repeats itself tomorrow.

All in all the only authority person I have any respect for anymore is my boss and one or two of my teachers. In the six months I've had this part-time job, my boss has never once gotten mad at me, he's never yelled at me, but rather told me what I did wrong and explained how it should be done. My one teacher acknowledges the fact that most of us have part-time jobs and also going to school is the equivelant of a full-time job and he has rarely given us homework, and is always joking around even when he is in a bad mood.

Also, at home somehow EVERYTHING is my fault whether or not I did it. And I will forever hold a grudge against my parents for that.

And let's not forget school where the teachers are "always" right. Even if we prove them wrong, then we get in trouble.
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RE: Life And Evcerything About It

Sat Sep 09, 2000 4:44 am

I've been thinking the same thing recently.

Im 14
Live in Minnesota
An Only child

I have been to 6 schools in my life, moved 7 times, and never been one to be popular or have a lot of friends. Everynight I go to bed hating how my day went. The only thing that keeps me looking forward to life is hope of being a pilot.

The one day I really liked my life was quickly ended when before I went to bed I was told by one of my "friends" that all my "friends" hated me. I never had that much luck with friends. I have over the years started more and more having a phobia of people, especially my age. On tuesday(the first day of school for me) I almost had a nervous breakdown. I was scared out of my mind. My week has gone ok, but my life is all but wonderful.
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RE: Life And Evcerything About It

Sat Sep 09, 2000 5:10 am

Hi y'all.

I went thru the phase of 'life sucks' and at that point in life it just kind of seems that life can't get any worse. And you're right, it can't. It only gets better from there on in.

And, no matter how bad life seems, there's always something good to it - for example this site right here - which brings together aviation freaks (!) from all over the globe - to argue about things as trivial as which out of BusinessElite and BusinessFirst is better value for money. (BusinessElite of course         ) Meanwhile we forget to marvel over the great stuff that life has provided us.

For example, just a few hours ago I was thinking how bad it was that I was homesick (new place, hell sort of even new country after ten years in England) and then I realized, hell I have me, I have air in my lungs, I have gorgeous Florida weather (at which point the heavens opened and I got drenched) and I have a fantastic life.
I could sit here in my ERAU dorm room as the Delta MD-88 over my head takes off and think to myself... "I’m really miserable... I want to get on that plane to Atlanta and then get to London on the late Delta flight out of there..." And believe me, that thought has crossed my mind a lot these past couple of days as each CRJ has passed over my head. Florida is home, and always will be, but at the moment it doesn't feel like it. It will do, though.

Two years ago I would have said my life sucks, and, apart from location, not much has changed... except my outlook on life. I thought my parents hated me - that I was ridiculed, and, for a long time I tried to take my own life. But in the end, one comes to see that the only way is UP! (no pun intended) and that suicide is, in anybody's language, a very selfish way out for the ones left behind.

One must not concentrate on what is bad, or unimpressive in this world - as one ends up deeply bitter. Instead, one must concentrate on the awe and wonder that is this modern world we live in. For all the bad things going on around the globe, there are good things in the form of things like...

Watching the Braves getting thrashed by the Marlins (happened a long time ago but it was definitely a plus to my outlook   sorry, they're the only Georgia prodigy which I don't particularly like)

Celine Dion concerts. Utterly fantastic. (Or Blur, or Blink182, or whoever you personally like... neither are my kind of music tho...)

And finally, you must realise that the most amazing thing on this earth is YOU. Sure, friends are nice, but if you are not a 'people' person, then you need friends (and company) less than other people. Just because other people hang out, and go to the bar or whatever all the time, doesn't mean that you have to if you don't want to. If that's your style, then cool. If it's not then even better! You do what you want to do. Don't let other people (especially one person) tell you that you have no friends. Someone who says that isn't really worth having the title of being your friend in the first place.

In short, no matter how bleak it gets, there will be an upside to the coin if you just stick it out.

Have a good weekend.


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Be Positive!

Sat Sep 09, 2000 5:16 am


I think I can identify with the way you feel. Here's my story.

Two years ago, I started school at the University of California at Berkeley, which is a very fun place to go to school.

My parents, though they provide all kinds of things for my brothers and I, told us that they would not pay a dime for us to go to college. My Dad told me the story of how my grandfather grew up poor and scratched his way through UC Berkeley without help from anybody. So Grandpa told my Dad, "I'm not going to pay for you to go to college. You taking that responsibility on for yourself will make you mature faster than you can imagine." And he managed to go to Berkeley using the US Navy ROTC program.

Now I've got two years done, two years to go, and I am forced to leave school for at least one year, two realistically and work because I have to pay off short term loans I used to pay for my second year (I paid for the first with my life savings.) My parents just bought me a new car but they won't pay a cent for school! When I first realized that I had to leave school to work I was just devastated. I have had a blast at Cal and I was doing excellent in school. I had a very difficult time coming to terms with the fact that I was not going to graduate with all of my friends, that I would be a year behind. I also struggled with the fact that when I do go back to school, it will to a certain extent be like starting all over again socially and also in terms of getting back into "school mode." That is still hard for me to deal with.

I honestly thought my parents would come in at the last minute and say, "Pat, don't worry about it, we want you to graduate on time, and we'll help you pay for school." Instead, my Dad told me, "Listen, you have two choices here. You can give up here, and let your situation defeat you, or you can be strong, be brave, and go work for a year or two, and the whole time keep your goal in mind: to finish up at Cal." I realized right then and there that my parents are helping me more by not giving me money than they are by just paying for my school.

So I started to look at the positive things. I have a job now at Air Canada at SFO, which gives me valuable job experience in the airline industry. I made it very clear to my counselor at school that I have EVERY intention of returning to school as soon as my financial status allows, and he made an arrangement where I can bypass the usual troublesome process of "jumping through hoops" to get back in to Cal. Instead of dwelling on the negative aspect of having to leave school, I have decided to be positive, to make the best of what I have, and to stay determined that I will go back to college in a year or two and reach my goal. The way I see it now, my situation is just one of those proverbial curves life throws at you. All I can do is deal with it the best I can. And for me, that's to work a year or two and then go back to school. I'll be a stronger person afterwards.

Just don't dwell on the negative aspect of your life! Think positive. Think of ways to overcome the distance between you and your friends. Find a group of friends and organize activities that you guys like. Maybe get one of your parents to take you and some friends to an airport to do some spotting. Where there's a will there's a way!

Ctbarnes wrote:
One of the things I found I must do in order to stay sane is not to worry what's going to happen or where I'm going to be next year or two years from now. I've learned I have to enjoy the friendships now; I've got and live in the present and be thankful for what I have right now.

He's 100% right. Take life's challenges one day at a time, and before you know it, you will have finished on top.

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RE: Life And Evcerything About It

Sat Sep 09, 2000 5:45 am

To reinforce what AirCanadaSFO was saying, and to add to my own points, you must live life for the moment. Now, we're not saying to go out on a 'spend your allowance on dumb stuff' kick or anything like that.

But, and I have learned this from situations inflicted upon me not exactly out of choice, but largely of my own doing, that you must live your life one day at a time and treat it with the awe, and majesty it deserves. Live each day as if it were your last and you were making the most of it. I know I try to, and in all honesty I think it makes sense, because you could drop dead from serious pneumachocal-pneumonia, the bubonic plague (unlikely, but bear with me) or get hit by a 18-wheel truck tomorrow.

And, ironic as it sounds, coming from my mouth, don't let yourself get bogged down in politics and arguments with people. I know it probably doesn't affect you too much and you probably don't think about politics, but don't dwell on arguments etc. I think you should just get on with the great parts of life like the fantastic scenery in Ireland. (a most beautiful of countries I may add! - just a shame about their conflict with the British)

Don't worry about things over which you have no control. Basically. In a nutshell.

Have a good weekend.


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RE: Life And Evcerything About It

Sat Sep 09, 2000 5:59 am

This is not meant to depress anyone. It is to highlight how lucky you are to have what you have, and encourage you to live life for the moment. Be thankful that this does not affect you:

Every 5 seconds, someone is infected.
Every 10 seconds, someone dies from a related illness.
Every day, 16,000 are diagnosed.
Every day, 1,600 children are diagnosed.
Only 10% of all infections are reported.
By 2000, 40 million had been infected (known). Many millions more are infected but do not know it.
Some countries do not acknowledge its existence.
The biggest affected countries are those that do not acknowledge its existence, where up to 1 in 3 can be infected.

What am I refering to? Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome. To all who are touched by it, my hearts go out to you, regardless of sex, orientation or any other denominational characteristic. For those who haven't been touched by it, you are lucky and you truly have something to be thankful for.

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RE: Life And Evcerything About It

Sat Sep 09, 2000 9:21 am

The world is polluted, and filled with corruption. People kill eachother, and we destory nature. People die of diseases every day, and there are wars going on in many countries.

We get up at the crack of dawn to go to work/school, where our lives our controlled by bosses/teachers. We work all day. If you have a job, you can relax at home. If you're a student, you have to do homework in your spare time at home. Last year, I even had a project to do over spring break! This cycle goes on until we're about 65, then we get to retire. But by then, we're old and incapacitated and can't really do much anymore. We then rot away for the last segment of our lives.

Don't think about it, and be a happy little idiot. Ignorance is bliss.

RE: Life And Evcerything About It

Sat Sep 09, 2000 11:30 pm

I don't take life too seriously, If I did, I'd be hanging off a tree limb by now.
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I Agree!

Sun Sep 10, 2000 12:16 am

I agree life is a waste of time, no point.


PS(I bet u thought when I said life is a journey that i was gonna say travel it well! (its on the UAL advert in the U.K)!

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