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Travelling To The UK

Wed Sep 13, 2000 7:38 am

Ok, i have some questions about the UK (im going there for christmas)

1. Do they serve all beverages warm?? Can you get an ICE-COLD Coca-Cola?? I know about the warm beer, EWWW!

2. Is it safe to eat the beef?? I am worried because of that Mad Cow disease thingy that was going on a while ago.

3. What is the legal drinking age there. I dont care about the purchase age, but the age you can consume the alcoholic beverage, in private or in a "pub". Same goes for France.

4. Where do you suggest I visit?? I was thinking of taking the Chunnel to France and going to see Normandy Beach. Kinda cool. Staying in London.

RE: Travelling To The UK

Wed Sep 13, 2000 8:52 am

Being a Brit I can answer all your questions!

1)Yes you can have a cold drink. I can not remember warm beer so it must not of tasted that bad, or I had far to much!!

2)Yes British Beef is safe. The problem is only found in the spine of the cow. So do not eat ox tails or anything like that. But steak and roast you will do fine!!

3)Drinking beer is part of a culture. I was walking up to the bar when I was 14 and order beer. They do not care too much just aslong as you do not drink too much!

4)I just enjoy walking around London, and then start partying in the night. London is great fun but very expensive!
Well I hope you enjoy your trip, I am moving back in January, and I can not wait!
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RE: Travelling To The UK

Wed Sep 13, 2000 9:04 am

From my experience, getting an ICE-COLD drink in the U.K. is rather hard. Drinks are of course chilled in refridgerators, but you could be hard-pressed to find ice in the United Kingdom. Some restaurants have it and some don't. If you are in London you should not have any problem, but even when I was in the Burger King at Gatwick there was no ice....

If you look over 16, then you should have no trouble getting alcohol in the U.K. Many of the British teens I talked to when I was there had no trouble going to an off-license and getting a few beers. It is easier there because not everyone behind the counter is an undercover cop, like it is here in the United States.

You will enjoy London, which is one of the greatest cities on earth. Have a great trip!!

Aaron G.

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