I Have This Idea...

Sat Sep 16, 2000 8:00 am

I have seen many posts on this forum dealing with topics such as religion, sexuality, etc., that are very controversial.
Many of these topics have had materials questioning, attacking, etc., religions- namely Christianity.
Many Christians on this forum write responses that seem like they were not thought through. These posts start further controversial threads and give Christianity a bad name to many of the non-Christians here. I plead you to stop making replies that do no good, and, in many cases, make the situation worse. You are just feeding the fire.
I would like to commend N863DA for making well-thought-though comments regarding Christianity that have the truth and the general beliefs of the religion on a whole.
To other Christians: PLEASE read over what you are about to post to make sure it contains factual, truthful, etc. information about our religion. If you make a comment in the same post that has your own personal views (i.e. homophobic comments) as well as the religions PLEASE include in that post that that IS NOT the religions belief on a whole. That may be your belief, but it will give all Christians a bad name. Good intentions all too often go bad, unfortunatly.
To non-Christians: There are many denominations under Christianity. Most of these denominations have totally different beliefs. Not all Christians believe the same exact thing. Please take this into account when posting about the religion on a whole. Also, some people use the religion- what I mean is someone who says they are a Christian, but practice hypocrisy, do not practice Christianity, or practice a warped form of it. Please take into account that these people exist and do not share the views of the religion on a whole.

I guess it is pretty sad when we get to a point that I have to write this. Please, everyone, think about it before posting it... thats all I ask. Thanks.

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