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To Southpacific (and Everyone)

Mon Sep 25, 2000 4:08 am

I am truly inspired with what you have written- "What I believe."
I am in total agreement with you. People in school sometimes call me an atheist and that I am going to hell and all of that garbage (I go to a Catholic High School btw) but what you said in that post is exactly (word for word) what I say to them or act to them.

I always try and take in the world and express myself for who I am, not for what someone wants me to be. I am from Greece and whenever I go, we go to our summer house on the island of Cephalonia (facing Italy) I sit there for hours on this one beach where no one goes, and just sit there. Sometimes I take my girl friend there and we just talk about life, the world, or just anything. And everytime we come back, we feel like we have grown together, this I believe is "God" working through nature.

After the beach, we will go to the top of this mountain, and on a cliff is a monastary from 1710, and we sit at the end of the cliff, and just sit there, no words we just sit in each other's arms. I feel so peaceful and alive when I am there. You can hear the waves below, the sound of the fisherman rowing back into port, and the birds singing their endless summer song. The colors are unbelievable. It is as if, this place was a canvas for thousands of artists. This to me is enjoying life.

I just want to say to all of you that life is too short to waste on judging people, and hating people. If you learn from each person that you meet, you will grow spiritually and mentally, this is what I believe.
For those who have not read SouthPacific's post...
http://www.airliners.net/discussions/non_aviation/read.main/11489/ here it is, I hope it inspires you as much as it did me.

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RE: To Southpacific (and Everyone)

Mon Sep 25, 2000 5:29 am

Thank you so much for taking the time to read what I wrote. I am glad there are people who understand out there.
You bring a tear to my eye! 


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