Mahatir Mohammed

Wed Oct 04, 2000 8:32 pm

G'day to all those Malaysian members

I am interested in hearing about what has been in the Malaysian press about the *squabble* which is occurring between Mahatir Mohammed and Anwar Ibrahim.

There was a story on TV here last night, which was done after they received a letter from Anwar (who is in solitary confinement), in which he stated the following:

"They want to punch me, they want to slap me and they’re very angry, at the time I cannot even say the words ‘what do you want from me’. I just feel cold, I feel ashamed because I’m naked then I cried and just stood there,"

"Corruption was endemic. On … critical issues like democracy, corruption, my views were well articulated. I was his nemesis and he was terrified that I may pose a challenge to his leadership in the party"

When Mahatir was question on all this, plus also he was asked on whether there would be some type of enquiry into the Anwar affair, he seemed to be quite irrational and questionable in his responses.

What is the general feeling in Malaysia in regards to how long Mahatir has left in power, especially seeing as the opposition parties took some seats in the last election.

Don't get me wrong. I love Malaysia and her people; Langkawi is my favourite destination; I am just wanting to hear some views of the Malaysia people themselves.

Terima kasih


RE: Mahatir Mohammed

Thu Oct 05, 2000 10:58 am

Hey Scotty,

I like the Malaysian people too. They were so great to me last time I was there. I love Lankawi too, but love Penang even more.

Malaysia, under the direction of Dr Mahartir has leaped ahead in terms of the quality of life, direct and foreign investment, employment and tourism for it great peoples.

UMNO has been responsible for keeping the country reasonably united and tolerant. Some of the other major parties in Malaysia would like to dictate "Malay or Islamic rule", however UMNO is representative of all Malaysian no matter who they are or what religion / race.

Whatever the outcome in regards to Anwar, I am sure we will never know the full story. It is Malaysia's time now to put behind her this little blip in her recent great history and forge ahead and continue to make Malaysia one of the great powerhouses of Asia.

mb (*Malaysians are the friendliest people!!*fond memories*)

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