How Safe Is

Fri Oct 20, 2000 10:33 am

Hi guys,
I have recently seen an article on ebay that I would like to buy, but I don't know how safe is ebay. Am i sure to get the article I just bough with my credit card? what if the seller don't want to send the article after the transaction?

Thanks in advance

Nicolas Bourbillon
Montreal, Canada
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RE: How Safe Is

Fri Oct 20, 2000 10:44 am

You can check out feedback from previous buyers from the seller. Praise, complaint etc. I suggest you have a look at this.
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RE: How Safe Is

Fri Oct 20, 2000 1:56 pm

I have bid on stuff off of Ebay before. You can check the feedback for a perticular seeler. Also I believe that Ebay is insured so you don't have to worry about having your money taken.
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RE: How Safe Is

Sat Oct 21, 2000 3:42 am

I buy and sell on Ebay all the time. I have never had a problem, Ebay is also insured so you don't need to worry. The only bad thing on Ebay is people tend to go a little crazy and drive the prices up higher than they would be at a store or thrift shop, but if it's something you really want and can't find anywhere, its worth it.


RE: How Safe Is

Sat Oct 21, 2000 3:54 am

Thanks guys, I appreciate your help!  

adam: you dont sell photographic stuff? That what I am interested in  

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RE: How Safe Is

Sat Oct 21, 2000 4:03 am

Hey, Nicolas, comment est-ce que tu te sens???

A friend of mine buys model airplane kits and collectibles from E-bay on a regular basis; I asked him this same question about whether the people he buys from send him the items. He's been fortunate most of the time; however, there is one model kit he is still awaiting shipment of, and the guy he bought it from hasn't been in touch. So you have to verify they are legitimate.

Good luck!
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RE: How Safe Is

Sat Oct 21, 2000 10:48 am


RE: How Safe Is

Sat Oct 21, 2000 11:35 am

I have bought many things off of e-Bay and I have found it to be very safe, reliable, and secure.

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