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What Happened?

Sat Oct 28, 2000 12:37 pm

It looks like this place was shut down for a few hours -- 4, judging by the last posts. So, what happened?
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RE: What Happened?

Sat Oct 28, 2000 12:52 pm

It's the Blair Witch!!!

P.S. Don't see Blair Witch 2, it stinks.
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RE: What Happened?

Sat Oct 28, 2000 1:31 pm

I agree, 5 hours ago was the last post in here, before this topic. Oh yeah, isnt it Halloween tonight? I am not sure which night halloween is because I live in Nevada and Nevada Day is on the same weekend as halloween, so its a three day weekend and in nevada we dont trick or treat on regular halloween because its nevada day.

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