Forum New Look

Fri Nov 03, 2000 10:42 am

Hey the forum have a new look, on the main forum each topic have a little folder near it but why does the twfirst threads have a floder in flames near it?
Anyways i like the suggest deletion button.
Thanks again Johan for the hard work!

Nicolas - Montreal

RE: Forum New Look

Fri Nov 03, 2000 10:52 am

Oh well there's already 3 thread like mine lol.
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RE: Forum New Look

Fri Nov 03, 2000 10:58 am

I think the flames mean a lot of responses. Anyway, it is cool!

Chief college football stadium self-pic guru

RE: Forum New Look

Fri Nov 03, 2000 11:04 am

Looks good to me. I like the suggest deletion button too.
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RE: Forum New Look

Sat Nov 04, 2000 12:36 pm

Sorry Nicolaki, I didn't see your post when I started to post mine.

I think it looks great! Everything is cool. I haven't figured out all the folder stuff yet, but I guess it will come!


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