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What Is A Friend?

Mon Nov 06, 2000 4:08 am

I was having an argument with someone (not on Airliners.net) and I just wanted to ask a general question. Do you think people are better off with or without friends and why? And why do some people have no friends? And finally, What makes a friend a friend? Feel free to answer one or all of the questions.  
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RE: What Is A Friend?

Mon Nov 06, 2000 10:42 am

Some people don't have friends because they are either socially immature, they prefer to be alone because they are reclusive, and some people for one reason or another, just like the solitude.

People are so much better of with friends, because they serve as outlets of entertainment, and also an outlet for you to share your feelings, thoughts, experiences, pain, joy, love, etc.

To me, a friend is one with whom I can share my deepest, most intimate thoughts with, and not feel like I will be judged. Someone that you trust so much you just feel comfortable sitting around doing nothing, no pretense, and still having a great time. Friends like this are hard to comeby, but when you have friends like this, there is no need for that many!

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RE: What Is A Friend?

Thu Nov 09, 2000 11:43 am

I have no friends...

mb (*cry*)

RE: What Is A Friend?

Thu Nov 09, 2000 11:32 pm

a friend is somebody who does not laugh at you just because you did something stupid. he/she is someone who does not tells your secrets to other people. and, last but not least, you like him/her and vice versa, so that you can stay in the same room for a long time without getting angry at each other...

i think having friends is just great, because without friends you have nobody to have fun with, nobody to talk to, nobody to trust in (besides your family, of course, although familymembers might be enemies as well...).

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