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World Cup 2002 Contenders

Thu Nov 16, 2000 2:01 pm

After having watched Argentina for the last 6 months, I can now happily say that we are a big favorite to win it all in 2002!! The results prove it: Argentina is number 3 in FIFA's rankings, are currently runaway in first place in the World Qualifiers for South America with 25 points, to name a few. If we play like we have been playing, we will be trully quite hard to stop. It's still early, but I like our chances. Our BIG weakness though: goaltending, we have none. So the key to beating Argentina today is simple: SHOOT AT THE GOAL!! You could get lucky with our inept keepers.

Anyways, we are a 18 months away from showtime. Is your nation's team in the hunt for a spot?? Who do you think will win in Japan/Korea?? And if there are Italians, Germans, or Brazilians, what do you think of your team's chances?? For the record, I think that today the best team in the world is France, followed by Argentina, Brazil and Italy in this order.
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RE: World Cup 2002 Contenders

Thu Nov 16, 2000 3:47 pm

I really really do hope that the United States can make it to the World Cup in 2002. Today, they beat Barbados 3-0, which was a good win. Good goaltending by Tony Meola. Then again, the U.S. doesn't even compare to some of the great international teams around the world. So first they have to make it to the World Cup. Good Luck!

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RE: World Cup 2002 Contenders

Fri Nov 17, 2000 5:42 am

I think that Europe has very little chances to win the next coup. I mean look at England it's a bloody mess, Germany is very less from what it was, Italy I don't know but they always seem to loose, and Portugal and Holland could have chances but they fall to pressure of the finals. France is the only one with posibility, and my favorite if not to support.

I hope Nigeria or Camerun can be in the finals, too.

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