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Racial Profiling

Mon Nov 20, 2000 10:44 am

Hello Again.

I thought I would toss this one out on here since things like this seem to be popular. I am very mad right now b/c I am watching the TV news(I live in Cincinnati Area), and they are talking about Black guys being targeted by cops more that white guys. Now, please, don't see me as being racist, but I think this is a big load of BS since they are even saying black cops are more apt to shoot black guys!!!

IMHO, the reason blacks get shot by cops more is the simple fact that they are choosing to commit the crime b/c that is an adapted black mentality that they can't get away from. If some white homey robs a store, and then slips a cop's gun out of the cop's hands and turns it at the cop(that's what the black guy did), I think they will take no hesitation in shooting him. It's simply that the white guy scenario happens much less than the black guy scenario.

Sorry if I've offended anyone. If I've offended you, then I want to hear exactly what you think, along with those of you who agree.

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RE: Racial Profiling

Mon Nov 20, 2000 11:00 am

Racial profiling is a crock o' crap. It's not color, its how the person in question is dressed, thier mannerisms, etc.. etc..

If you see someone in a ski mask sneaking around, do you think that the color of thier skin matters?? of course not.

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RE: Racial Profiling

Mon Nov 20, 2000 11:29 am

Not true! It does occur! A Korean friend of mine was pulled over by a cop because he was suspected of being a gang member. It had nothing to do with what he was wearing, what car he was driving, etc. He was pulled over soley because he was Asian. Ironically, it was an Asian cop who stopped him and put a gun to his head. Racial profiling does occur, but it's done more by people of the same race.
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RE: Racial Profiling

Mon Nov 20, 2000 4:11 pm

Anyone to deny that racial profiling exist is either bigoted or un-informed.
It's not a crock of shit!
I've been a victum of racial profiling many times. Even when I was coming from work wearing a 3 piece suit.
Hardly gang attire!
There excuse, 'Oh there's been a report of someone who looks like you who fits a crime.'
I so happen to do a follow up, and no such report was ever made!
I've been forced to lay on the ground and had guns drawn on me by as many as 8 police officers!
My offence, being of the wromg ethinic group in a different neigboorhood!

The race of the cop is irrelevant!
A cop is a cop no matter what color they are!
There are many uncle toms and coconuts in blue uniform.

Unless you've been a victum of racial profiling or know someone who has, you can not say weather or not it exist!
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RE: Racial Profiling

Tue Nov 21, 2000 12:08 am

Of course racial profiling exist. Here's one recent exmaple for you... have you seen that video of these white south-african cops ordering their dogs to bite to the bone of those black guys? It was absolutelly disgusting!

Want so more? What about what happened in Florida about a month ago? All these cops beating up that guys who was not agressing anyone?

It does happen, and if you deny it it is that you are either very naive or racist, sorry but it's true.


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