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IE, Netscape Or Rebel Browser?

Mon Nov 20, 2000 11:02 am

I don't want to start another A vs B or Gore vs Bush, but what browser do you use and why do you like it over it's competitors.

I use Internet Explorer 5.5. Fast, reliable and quick to load.

I tried Netscape 6, I liked some of the features but is was sooooooo slowwwwwwww.

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RE: IE, Netscape Or Rebel Browser?

Mon Nov 20, 2000 12:17 pm

I hate IE5.5 because it always 1) locks up and 2) give illegal operations and shuts the window for no reason. I hate Netscape even more because it does 1 and 2 even more often than IE AND because the return key doesn't work on forms. So regrettfully, my choice is IE 5.5. I tried the browser "Opera" a while ago but found it was no angel itself.
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RE: IE, Netscape Or Rebel Browser?

Mon Nov 20, 2000 12:55 pm

I use Macintosh Internet Explorer 5.0 mostly. It has a reasonably quick rendering engine, nice interface, and a Subscriptions feature that works well. My problem with it though is that it occasionally quits while loading a page, and sometimes won't work until I restart.

I also have Netscape 4.76 (which I'm actually using right now since IE quit itself a few minutes ago). It's not quite as good as IE and lacks the subscriptions feature. Netscape 6 was terrible, I tried it and threw it away.

In addition I have the major rebel browser for the Mac, iCab Preview 2.2. It's still in development and not quite ready to be used full time, though it does work relatively well. It has a subscriptions feature which I can't quite figure out, and it's JavaScript support is improving (it's not fully implemented yet).
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RE: IE, Netscape Or Rebel Browser?

Mon Nov 20, 2000 1:50 pm

I use Netscape 4.72 on my computer, and I think I have 4.74 on the PCs at work. I have never ever liked IE... too cheesy and has too many of those annoying features Microsoft puts in it to make it easy to use for the stupid people. I do agree Netscape 6 is a piece of trash. I downloaded a Beta for it months ago, used it once, and deleted it. It was a shame AOL had to get their grubby hands on a perfectly good broswer that Netscape was. I guess I will be sticking with 4.7X for a long time.
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RE: IE, Netscape Or Rebel Browser?

Mon Nov 20, 2000 11:44 pm

curently (at this very moment) I am using Netscape 3.0 on X-Windows machine (Sun) on my university,

I most often use Lynx - UNIX based text-mode browser,
especially for airliners.net forum where it is better because it fast, and graphic here isnt so important
i use it both from hoeme and university

I f i need to load some page loaded with graphics or Java I use IE 5.5 from univesity

I used Netscape 2.0 from home nbut it doesn't run any more and I don't want to reinstall it (why bother)
i used Netscape 1.2 long ago

I have also used Opera

for simple pages with graphics I use (from home) Arachne , czech made GUI browser for DOS

(that a lot of browsers isn't it  
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RE: IE, Netscape Or Rebel Browser?

Tue Nov 21, 2000 12:24 am

I'm using Netscape and am satisfied with it. Easy to use and alright.
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RE: IE, Netscape Or Rebel Browser?

Tue Nov 21, 2000 2:31 am

At my uni we have a choice of IE5 and NN4.7. I use IE5 most of the time, because it features a more complete support for CSS, XML, and DOM. However, one BIG reason I prefer IE over NN is that it's got BACK option via Backspace key on keyboard. It speeds up the browsing, beleive it or not. In NN the shortest you've got is ALT+Left Arrow

RE: IE, Netscape Or Rebel Browser?

Tue Nov 21, 2000 3:24 am

At school I use IE 4.0, no choice there! (and I hate it...because of the dumb channel bar mostly!!)

At home I use IE 5.5--it's faster than IE4 or Netscape 4.x and doesn't GPF as much...

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RE: IE, Netscape Or Rebel Browser?

Tue Nov 21, 2000 9:54 am

School: IE 4.0
Gundu uses IE 5.5 at home.Fast.
I also tried Netscape 4.xx and found it slow and horrible.


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