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Morning Run Around The Supreme Court

Sat Dec 02, 2000 4:20 am

At the end of my morning 5 mile run today, I cruised by the Supreme Court. What a circus and only six blocks from my house! Party operatives from both sides are out there managing their "spontaneous" crowds. Talking heads are spinning propaganda from both camps. There's more media out there than I've ever seen at one spot in D.C.....and I've seen many events in this city. I was hoping the site of my muscular legs and sweaty body would inspire a producer or two to call me over for a man on the street interview. No such luck. People were lined up outside (temperatures have been in 20s and 30s overnight) for days hoping to get a seat inside. The crowd started to get a bit surly so they closed the streets around the Court to prevent innocent motorists from being surrounded. The usual suspects....jesus freaks assuring us the world is coming to an end, rasta types fighting for the normalization of hemp and marijuana laws, JFK conspiracy theorists, buddhist monks, among many others....have made the scene quite interesting.

Makes you miss O.J. has many forums. It has spell check and search functions. Use them before posting!
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RE: Morning Run Around The Supreme Court

Wed Dec 06, 2000 7:15 am

Actually OJ is back. He was at the police station in Miami today.


Ps-also Monica is back.

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