Common Sense Rules.

Sat Dec 02, 2000 5:35 am

"It is unconstitutional to require goverment contractors to solicit bids (only) from female- and minority- owned businesses" Califoria's highest court ruled on Thursday. Vote was a unanimous 7-0. This must make clown Jesse Jackson very happy because now he has another excuse to use funds from those suckers who belong to his rainBO coalition to charter another private jet so he can play pretend as he jets his way west.

RE: Common Sense Rules.

Sat Dec 02, 2000 12:22 pm

I agree with the California Supreme is called reverse-discrimination, a practice Rev. Jackson would love to see in place nationwide....
Matt D
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RE: Common Sense Rules.

Mon Dec 04, 2000 11:22 am

I agree....what the hell happened to being the lowest bidder with the highest quality as being the criteria for getting the contracts?
Why should who owns it even be an issue?

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