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Tue Dec 05, 2000 11:24 pm


Does anyone know of one or more great places to download mp3s?

I allready visited the following; and

Any others?

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RE: Mp3's

Wed Dec 06, 2000 12:41 am

go to thats the only good place for mp3s
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RE: Mp3's

Wed Dec 06, 2000 12:54 am

These are my personal favorites. But I agree with Lindy - Napster is the best.

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RE: Mp3's

Wed Dec 06, 2000 12:40 pm

Download Napster or imesh!
imesh is like Napster but you can download all kinds of files.
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RE: Mp3's

Wed Dec 06, 2000 3:12 pm

Napster is good for a lot of stuff. I've also used AudioFind with some success.

Actually I've found for rather obscure stuff (like Japanese Anime music), Google works great. For example, if I'm looking for music from the series Bubblegum Crisis 2040, I type bubblegum crisis 2040 mp3 and looking through the top sites I can usually find what I'm looking for.

RE: Mp3's

Wed Dec 06, 2000 6:13 pm

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