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Admin - Upload Form Problem Found

Wed Dec 20, 2000 11:51 pm

I uploaded some pic earlier today with IE 4.0,
I selected country from pulldonw menu - chose location - other
and entered the city name - but when I uploaded it the info was lost - (of course I corrected in on 2nd photo upload page - but this might cause problems to inexperienced users

another thing - after this happened - when I clicked to add more photos location list was empty - I had to select another country and then back to first country to be able to choose location
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RE: Admin - Upload Form Problem Found

Wed Dec 20, 2000 11:57 pm


Exactly the same thing happened to me on my latest uploads, using I.E. 5.5, so it's not the browser version.

Anybody experience this with Netscape?

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RE: Admin - Upload Form Problem Found

Thu Dec 21, 2000 8:54 am

I have the same problem too. After the photo was uploaded the location disappears.It keeps saying you forgot to add the location but I put the location already before I upload the photo.I noticed that today.
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