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Respected Users

Fri Dec 22, 2000 11:19 am

What are your thoughts on this feature? What criteria do you use when you decide if an individual has gained your respect? Please...share your thoughts. Thanks!
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RE: Respected Users

Fri Dec 22, 2000 11:32 am

Hiya, I think its a great feature. A perfect example is TWFirst. I respect TWFirst the most because he doesent take any shit from anyone, He's Cool, We have some funny ass conversations, and he likes TWA.

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RE: Respected Users

Fri Dec 22, 2000 1:38 pm

To tell you the truth, I was monitoring this site a while before I joined to see who the smartasses were and how they reacted upon certain provocations. The main purpose of my joining was to cause a ruckus, piss a few people off, make some enemies, be the first one on someone's disrespected users list, which sadly doesn’t exist yet, and eventually get banned.   As you can see, based the list of who respects me, I have failed miserably.   Still, I’m optimistic I can attain my initial goal.  

Someone who is more in tune with the happenings of this place has informed me that there is a large homosexual contingent on here and they like to stick together. From what I've heard, one dude in particular is hell bent on garnering the most support from his group; hence he has a horde of people who "respect" him. Another observation I've made is that people with more or less conservative views tend to group together. So, to answer your question, Modesto2, the criteria of respect on here seems to be based on particular affiliations, based on viewpoints; hardly a criterion for respect.

What about you, Modesto2? What do you think of this whole new feature?


P.S. How do you respect someone, by the way? I’m quite computer illiterate.
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RE: Respected Users

Fri Dec 22, 2000 3:16 pm

I would agree that most of the people on this forum think the words "respect" and "agree" mean the same thing. However, a quick glance at my respected and respected by list will show a group of people that don't always agree with me, but I respect their views because they are based on logic more than emotion.

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