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Australia Wins 15th Cricket Test

Sat Jan 06, 2001 6:15 pm

***Warning this post is about "Cricket". Unfortunately, certain unnamed nationalities will not understand anything about this post - they may think they do, but they probably don't***
Sorry, but I couldn't resist being the viriolic, arrogant, {insert expletive of your choice} Aussie - I'd be letting down the expectations of this forum if I didn't behave this way.  

Today in Sydney (New South Wales, Australia) the Australian Cricket Team continued on its record breaking way when it had its 15th consecutive test match win by defeating the West Indies, and in so doing win the 5 test series against that team.
The "Dominators" are in a class of their own - there doesn't seem to be a country that can defeat them at this time.

To those of you from nations who know what this means - read and weep, your turn for defeat is also looming.

Off now to see Perth Glory kill the Brisbane Strikers in real football  
Only sport really matters!

RE: Australia Wins 15th Cricket Test

Sat Jan 06, 2001 6:31 pm

Unfortunately, at the moment, the only country which actually has a strong cricket squad is Australia. The rest seem very lack lustre to say the least. (South Africa was going along ok, until the Hanse incident last year).

I know that 15 straight tests is a record which Steve Waugh and the lads, and Australia as a whole, should be very proud of. But I do have to throw a spanner in the works here, and it will be bringing up what has been mentioned in the media the last few weeks.

How can one say that the current Aussie test squad is the best ever, when they in all honesty do not compare to Bradman's 1948 Invincibles.

BTW...when are the next international matches?

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