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Anyone Here Diabetic?

Thu Jan 18, 2001 6:36 am

Just wanted to ask if anyone here could answer some question for me. Is a blood sugar level 2 hours after eating of 159 alarming. Is this something to worry about?

I am trying to control my diabetes with diet and exercise. Would this be considerd in control?

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RE: Anyone Here Diabetic?

Thu Jan 18, 2001 7:50 am


I don't know what your blood sugar level means in terms of good or bad. What I do know is that if you are trying to control your diabetes through diet and exercise, you should do it only under the supervision of a doctor. I hope this is true already.

I don't have diabetes, but I am hypoglycemic. Diabetes and chronic hypoglycemia run in my family. Both are related to insulin production (diabetes is too little, hypoglycemia is too much.) I have learned to control my blood sugar through diet mostly. I usually only have attacks during periods of high stress when I don't eat right, or when I consume too much caffeine.

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