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Lets Cut The Budget

Fri Mar 02, 2001 4:22 pm

Here are some useless agencies to get rid of:
US Department of Education - doesn't educate a single person - roughly 30 billion
US Department of Energy - doesn't process an erg of energy - roughly 20 billion
The list hardly stops there  Smile/happy/getting dizzy

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RE: Lets Cut The Budget

Fri Mar 02, 2001 4:24 pm

Well what's better? Anarchy or mismanageament? I'll take the second option.

I couldnt care about the first one though since I go to a private school (j/k) Smile

Aaron G.
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RE: Lets Cut The Budget

Fri Mar 02, 2001 4:32 pm

well, probably mismanagement, but The Department of Education is one of the big mysteries of the
Federal Government. Actually it is unconstitutional as the power to set education standards has been left to the states in the constitution.
There is no mention of the role of the central government in this area so naturally its become the responsiblity of the individual states. Futher-more it provides unnneccesary duplication of function, something that if eliminated in our government would save untold billions.
What do they do over there? Do they set national standards, prepare National Examinations. No. Do they hand out money for programs that are unproven or unsucessful? Yes. Doing the first might actually come to some good except most of the states have already done work in that area and that of course would be unconstitutional.
The Department of Energy was supposed to have some effect on conservation and the search for alternative froms of energy. In the history of the Department there has been no undertaking that has any impact. So what is that for?
Our founding fathers were concerned that too much government would lead to tyranny. Well it has happened tho the result has been tyranny of another kind, taxes. Yes if there are to be tax cuts there has to be cutbacks.
Then again, to have efficency there also has to be streamlining so that the average citizen wishes to find out about something. to air an grievance he will know exactly where to go. Ever try to deal with a government agency? You would be lead from one desk to another until you find the right person, if you have enough patience, who is either out to lunch, on some kind of leave or doing work "in the field".
Is there any wonder that nothing ever gets done. Too often it is hard to find the person responsible for the area that needs changing. This not only applies on the Federal level the state and local governments are just as complicated. Again, what is really needed is simplicity.

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