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Some Thoughts About Immigration

Tue Mar 06, 2001 9:27 pm

Recently, I have had some rather weird ideas:

Taking the theories of capitalism and free markets as a basis, are we (the Western World) truly being capitalist? The biggest market in the world, that of human labour, is less free than any other. Labour movement is opposed in any possible way, often by the source and the recipient country. Labour price is regulated through unions that stop strike-breakers who would be willing to work for less....

In effect: This is truly not capitalism - this is communism. Think of how communist countries prevented people from leaving (hindering labour movements). Think of how salaries were set, no one could over- or underbid the government. In analogy, we are preventing people from entering, and our workers organize themselves into power blocks setting wages as they see fit, without tolerating any competition from strikebreakers once they are in their unions.


Because we like living in the standards of luxury that we have achieved purely by these measures. We like being paid the same amount for collecting garbage a month that some third-world farmers earn in a year. We like our wealth and luxury and laziness. It's as simple as that.
Were we to open all doors wide, we would experience an enormous drop in the market price for all types of labour: After all, it is not just the manual labour that can be supplied by people from poorer countries - there are many qualified people queueing to get in....

So what do I propose? Should we open all doors, drop our living standards by 90% just to let fairness reign? To achieve true market economy in the labour market?

No. I am no idealist, I know it'll never happen, and I doubt whether I myself would like it happening.

What I do hope to achieve with this post is for to people to think about this, deliver counter-arguments and discuss if they wish so, and maybe, just maybe, try to understand this point of view and be more tolerant towards immigrants, and not to request that any country shut their doors forever....

After all, where would we be without them?

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