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Sun Apr 08, 2001 10:17 am

Hey, I got my t-shirt via UPS yesterday. It's cool, I like it. I want to point out that the logo on the front is a lot smaller and above the left brest and the big logo is on the back and that's what you can see in the pictures. Better than I thought.

So if someone sees me wearing the s.o.b. in the airport someday, come over and say hello.


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RE: T-Shirt Recieved!

Sun Apr 08, 2001 10:29 am

Like someone mentioned before...I think it would be a nice idea if we could have the username printed on the back of the shirt.
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RE: T-Shirt Recieved!

Sun Apr 08, 2001 10:49 am

Sounds cool! I've been meaning to order an T-shirt since last week. When I get it, I guarentee you I'll spill something right away.  Sad It always happens to white shirts I have.

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