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Anything You Want

Wed Apr 11, 2001 9:10 am

Please write about anything in your or others life . It could be about anything you want to write about .
(hint:sports , momens of any kind , girls  Smile/happy/getting dizzy ,dumb things ,ect.)
I'd like to elect a president that has a Higher IQ than a retarted ant.
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RE: Anything You Want

Wed Apr 11, 2001 9:13 am

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RE: Anything You Want

Wed Apr 11, 2001 9:52 am

Well there is this monkey named Wallace and he wants to go play with the other monkeys in the river. Well the other monkeys think that Wallace stinks and call him stinky balls and such. Well one day Wallace decides to go to the river and try to play with the other monkeys and like usual the monkeys say no way stinky balls!!!! So Wallace goes back up to his tree and wonders why they call him stinky balls. He thinks and thinks and thinks, and still can't figure out why. A few hours go by and he finally comes up with an idea. So Wallace jumps down from his tree and runs down to the Drug Store and buys some shampoo. He goes down to the nearest water hole and washes his balls. Feeling refreshed and confident he goes to the river and asks the other monkeys if he can play with them. After a few minutes they say no stinky balls!!!!! But Wallace comes back and says wait a sec I just washed my balls a few minutes ago. They say so what, and Wallace walks away devastated. A female monkey named Martha notices Wallace sadly walking away and follows him to his tree. She says "I have always like a guy who is into hygeine, wanna go play with me and my friends?" Overjoyed, Wallace says "yes" and joins Martha and her friends by the pond. Years go by and now Wallace and Martha have 7 little monkeys of their own.

The End


RE: Anything You Want

Wed Apr 11, 2001 10:14 am

Well, i really wish i could hook up with Ms. Pamela Anderson...what a foxy babe.
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RE: Anything You Want

Wed Apr 11, 2001 10:14 am

I wish someone I know would stop being stupid. And get a life too.
Money does not bring you happiness. But it's better to cry in your own private limo than on a cold bus stop.
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RE: Anything You Want

Wed Apr 11, 2001 10:39 am

I've beeeeeen kissed by a rose in the gray....
IIII've been kissed by a rose in the gray...
There is so much I meant to tell you, so much I could say...

CR*P I wish that stupid song would get out of my head...

Up, up and away!

RE: Anything You Want

Wed Apr 11, 2001 10:41 am

"Can I got forward, when my heat is here? Turn back, dull earth, and find thy center out."

--What famous play is that from, and who was it written by?

RE: Anything You Want

Wed Apr 11, 2001 12:06 pm

i want to live in tucson arizona, i want a hott guy, i want to drive a range rover, i want to be financially secure forever, be a better christian ....etc
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RE: Anything You Want

Wed Apr 11, 2001 7:19 pm

I just want Leena back. We dated for about 5 months, but she left me about 1,5 months ago. Didn't want to even talk to me. Well, at least we DO talk's getting better and maybe we can be friends again someday....

She's all I want right now, nothing else.

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