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Yahoo Pagebuilder Problem

Sun Apr 15, 2001 11:07 am

I recently started my own website with Yahoo Geocities. Using PageBuilder I have started building my own website. The program is great however I have one small problem that is huge. The way something looks in page builder looks totally different when I preview it or view it on the web. What do I mean? Well if I put text on one side of the page it will go all over the place when I preview it or view it. It is very frustrating! I have looked at it on other computers and it is the same and I have tried using different browsers for both creating and viewing and no help. The program offers no help to this problem and I can't find a solution anywhere! PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS!

Thanks in advance,

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RE: Yahoo Pagebuilder Problem

Sun Apr 15, 2001 12:01 pm

You better start learning HTML's very easy.
I'm sure you're gonna find lots of tutorials in the net.

By the way...use the MS Front Page to do the hard part of your hp then you make it better using the HTML, then you just upload your hp and zaz...

For the text problem you should try to align it, if you haven't done it.


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