The Earth

Sat Apr 28, 2001 2:49 pm

How did "Planet Earth" look like "back those days" ?

Many scientists say, Africa and America (N&S) have been one continent, many earth plates defragmented from others respectively.
I strongly believe in that too.
Friends say, they are cluttered pieces from out of space which "landed" in a big "sea" ... well ... .

I wonder, how the earth (and its population) will look like in a 100 years ?

We'll be wearing special silver suits, gliding on skateboards a la "Back to the Future" with hyper-engines without any fuel (poor SHELL and BP) ... ?

I bet, that NASA already had sufficient resources and knowledge to allow "common Space travel & tourism" 15 years ago ... .
(But if many people can't even keep their own backyard clean ... )

So many inventions are kept back, in order not to create either mass-panic or mass-riots due to over exitment of people.

Of course I want to see our mother earth from space, but I haven't got so much money to afford it ... but maybe my grandchildren will just laugh about it, and ask me if I want to spend my weekend on Jupiter ...
coach or biz-class, please ?

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RE: The Earth

Sat Apr 28, 2001 7:11 pm

Friends say, they are cluttered pieces from out of space which "landed" in a big "sea"

If that'd happened, there wouldn't be an Earth. Dumb friends you have.

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RE: The Earth

Sat Apr 28, 2001 8:45 pm

As the speed of aircraft has not changed much in 40years can't see us going on regular trips to Jupiter in less than 100 years.
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