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Are Neozep Cold Tablets Safe?

Thu May 03, 2001 2:32 am

Cough-colds drugs with PPA, safe: DoH
By Oibone C. Enobio

Cough and colds medicines registered with the Bureau of Food and Drugs that contain phenylpropanolamine (PPA), a chemical said to cause hemorrhagic stroke, are safe for human consumption, the Department of Health here said.
It is because the PPA content in these medicines -- like over-the-counter drugs Neozep, Decolgen, Tuseran, Myracof, Sinutab, Dimetapp and Allerin -- have very low PPA content.

A recent study at the Yale University School of Medicine in United States claimed PPA, which is a chemical ingredient used in some cough, cold and flu remedies to relieve sinus congestion or stuffy nose, can cause hemorrhagic stroke. Aside from being a c hemical for cough and colds medicines, PPA was widely marketed in the US as appetite suppressant to induce weight loss.

Findings of the study led to the marketing stoppage of the PPA-containing drugs.

But according to Stop Death-DoH Action Officer Rogelio Pere¤a, the said US study is not yet conclusive since it needs further studies and experiments. He said that the said study is not applicable in the Philippines since PPA-containing drugs here stay w ithin the safety range of 10 to 25 milligrams of PPA while drugs being tested in the study exceeded 75 milligram of PPA. There are also no BFAD registered appetite suppressants marketed in the Philippines, he said.

"Our medicines with PPA contents are still in the market because they remain in the safety level which means they are allowed to be used by consumers," Pereño said yesterday at the Club 888 Media Forum at the Marco Polo Hotel.

DoH has reclassified drug products with PPA content of 25 milligram or below as over-the-counter drugs and drugs with 25 to 50 milligram PPA content as prescription drugs. Those with more than 50 milligrams PPA will not be accepted by the Bfad.

Weekend Feature

In the past, I used to take Neozep whenever I have runny nose or a sore throat. However, after I have heard about the PPA thing about Neozep, I began to switch to another type of Drug called Piriton as well as Clarinese.It is a stronger drug but it does not contain PPA at all.

Do you guys think Neozep is still a safe drug to be used? Coz I still have a lot at home and I am quite worried that it may cause stroke.

What do you guys think?

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