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Internet Question Re

Mon May 07, 2001 5:37 am

Previosly when I surfed on, my computer would remember my username, pxwd etc, but since I deleted some temp internet files, that doesn't happen any more. how do I restore it?
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RE: Internet Question Re

Mon May 07, 2001 5:49 am

I didn't know it stored your password, it just remembers my username. Anyway, have you made a couple of posts since you messed with the temp files? It comes back for me after I type my username in a few times. I don't know what all you did to the temp files, but try clearing the crap that is in it. In MSIE go to Tools>Internet Options and clear the temp files, that gets rid of everything but cookies. Then go to the folder and delete them too. If you have a bunch of cookies you would rather keep, run down the list and delete everything having to do with That should work. Good luck.

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