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Star Wars: A Tribute

Fri May 18, 2001 12:13 pm

Well i personally like the first 3 original epsiodes the most. Han solo is my fav character. Any other thoughts on this great classic? http://www.crews.org/media_tech/compsci/webresources/sounds/starwars.mid
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RE: Star Wars: A Tribute

Fri May 18, 2001 4:16 pm

An epic work, almost on a par with The Lord of the Rings (which is finally getting a non-budget movie made of it).

Episode 1 (TFM) is indeed the weakest of them all so far, with too much emphasis on CGI and not enough on story and characters.
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RE: Star Wars: A Tribute

Sat May 19, 2001 12:11 am

Sorry, but I am orthodox Star Trek. In my opinion, the first "Star Wars" movie was imaginative, but it was all down hill from that point. The last "Phantom Menace" installment lumbered along as if the script was written day by day as they were shooting the picture.

Now I know that the Star Trek movies would not have been made but for the financial success of Star Wars. But given the body of work that all of the Star Trek films and series represent, I must argue that it is a superior brand of story telling, with much more interesting characters.
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RE: Star Wars: A Tribute

Mon May 21, 2001 11:05 pm

The "first" 3 were great. But the "last" was different. It was like the first 3 were Rocky films and the last was Gone With The Wind or another Chick flick and I think they lost their usual Star Wars fans when they put in all that romance and dialogue and took out the action.
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RE: Star Wars: A Tribute

Tue May 22, 2001 8:16 am

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