Don't You Get Bored Of... In The Aviation Polls

Thu May 31, 2001 7:58 pm

Don't you get bored of people who give stupid reasons for their choices in the aviation polls?

This is what i am talking about:

Poll: Favorite pre-1960 jetliner:

Just because:
I am Boeing fan

707 simply coz I'm a Boeing fan!!!!

707 because boeing knows questions asked!

I think the best of all is the 707, because I think Boeing rocks!!!

I have to say the 707, because it's a Boeing jetliner.

Convair 880/990, definetly the smokiest of them all! (written by me)

How about this for a CONTRADICTION

I Guess its kinda stereotypical, but I've gotta say the 707,
A.) Because Boeing Is the Best!

i prefer the boeing 707 because im a really big boeing fan!

707 707 707 !!!!!!!!!!!
well what can i say!

I voted for the 707!

Boeing RULES !!!!
I like the boeing 707 because
its a boeing

I vote B707 because Ilike Boeing!!!

My favourit is for sure the B707!!!!
I am a Boeing fan.

If it isn't boeing
You aren't going

..must be the Comet

Ok, so i did post a stupid comment ONCE. But that was just to put a simple point across. If i was to re-write it i'd give the full explanation. I am sure Johan meant for the comments to be what you like about the PARTICULAR aircraft and its History etc etc. Not because you like the company, i'd rather people didn't write comments and kept them to themselves.

I hope you get what i mean, the user comments system is meant to put through they're PROPER reasons, not just because "they are cool".

So please in the future all you guys who say these comments (I know not all are in this forum) keep them to yourselves until you have something important to say! (including me  Big grin)

Sorry i didn't know what forum to put this in.


It is all summed up in this quote from underneath the poll results

thought provoking

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RE: Don't You Get Bored Of... In The Aviation Polls

Thu May 31, 2001 8:00 pm

Aaaahh crap. That was posted by me but then i had to modify it and when it says edit it changes your username back. Damnit i'm annoyed.


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