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Everyone In BHX...

Sat Jun 02, 2001 2:43 am

I'll be visiting BHX (Birmingham) with a stunning young lady friend of mine for a night out probably at the end of July (we're both students). A friend of mine at the University of BHX has suggested the following itinerary, essentially as follows:

Go to the figure of eight on Broadstreet, and visit Weatherspoons. Then walk down the hill on Broadstreet, and stop at places like the sports bar, aus theme bar etc. and get a drink in each, then when near Symphony Hall, get in a taxi (they wait outside just before), and ask to go to the DNA Club.

Whilst the about seems like a good plan for a wicked night out, I have a few questions which I would like answered by anyone with relevant experience there:

1. Any idea how much a taxi from Symphony Hall to DNA would cost? How much does entry cost to DNA?

2. I've found some unoffical DNA sites, which have various photographs of the club. I'm amazed at how stylish it looks! Do you know the offical web addy?

3. Is the itinerary you suggested suitable for a Sat. night? Is Sat. a good day to visit?

4. Do you know of any cheap but comfortable B&B's/hotels close to DNA?

Many thanks.

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