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What If Sierra Make Half-Life A Movie?

Thu Jun 21, 2001 4:23 am

I came up a great idea last night. What if Sierra make Half-Life a movie? It's about Gorton Freeman's adventure though Black Mesa, everything that happen within the game.

What do u think?
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RE: What If Sierra Make Half-Life A Movie?

Thu Jun 21, 2001 4:32 am

Half-Life IS a movie. Just one of the interactive sort. As blockbuster-type movie it would inevitably fail, and be just another "guy against aliens in his spaceship/laboratory/desert planet/insert cheesy Sci-Fi location here" kind of thing. That's why Half-Life is so brilliant. Because it actually let's YOU be Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sigourney Weaver or Vin Diesel or whoever you imagine your hero to be. Including the paranoia, the surprise twists, the shock moments and the sheer visual thrills of a movie....

As PC-game it is unique. As movie it's off-the-shelf average cheapo Sci-Fi.


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RE: What If Sierra Make Half-Life A Movie?

Fri Jun 22, 2001 1:34 am

I don't think they would have the money and capitol to make the movie with all those action shots. Money would hold this project way way back, and it would turn out like shit. If money would be no issue, this movie would kick ass totaly. It's all about the money man.
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