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Big Tornado

Wed Jul 04, 2001 2:29 pm

Check out this picture @

This picture recalled memories from me:

When I was in first grade in 1991, I came home from school, got off the bus, and a neighbor warned us kids about a tornado warning. I got home and my older sister was watching it on TV and it said that a circular storm was right on top of where I live. Crazy of me, I went over to the neighbor's porch which was on a hill and I watched the storm truck up north. I saw a funnel cloud form out of nowhere and saw it move toward Lemont, IL and watched it extend toward terra-firma. I later saw where it had touched down @ the intersection of IL 171 and IL 83. Years later I find out that it was only an F0. I assume this isn't a common topic, so does anyone else have tornado stories or spectacular pics of tornadoes or their damage?
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RE: Big Tornado

Wed Jul 04, 2001 2:40 pm

Growing up as a little kid in the NW suburbs of Chicago and chronically watching the Weather Channel I developed a HUGE fear of bad weather, which frequented the Chicago area during the summer. I remember days when we were under tornado watches and it was very windy outside, certainly scary for a 7 year old who watched the Weather Channel too much. I've never seen or been in a tornado, but we had a few good severe thunderstorms.
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