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G8 Summit

Mon Jul 23, 2001 8:44 am


When I think about what a politician earns it makes my blood boil!!

G8 summit Genoa.........guy attacks Police vehicle with fire extinguisher (amongst others) and gets shot dead as a result.....fairplay.....twat should not have been there in the first place.

Politicians say " how are we going to resolve this issue?"

Not sure. 3 days later someone says lets take this circus out of town....????

Well considering half of the attenendees of the G8 protest are unemployed scum who do not own a car
I would say this option would have been right on the tip of my tongue??? Would'nt you? Maybe some 5 years ago even? We must protect the innocent and those attending for a good "skirmish with Police" must pay the price when performing acts detrimental to controlled behaviour.


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