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Anyone On Here From The Old AOL Aviation Forums?

Thu Aug 09, 2001 12:58 pm

Before AOL became the crappy service it is today, I used to enjoy the AOL Aviation message boards. For almost a year I was a very active member on the forum despite the fact several "adults" didn't like people in the forum who didn't have a connection to aviation. There is also a good story about a kid who posted threats about blowing up 747's but that is a story in itself.

However, about 18 months after I first got AOL, they started to turn into a forum for nothing but discussions on current airline hiring/firing or for pro/anti-union B.S.

Is there anyone on this forum who used to frequent the AOL threads but now comes here instead? There were a lot of people on the forum I really liked but lost contact with them when I dumped AOL.
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