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Lets Play The Round The World Game!

Tue Aug 14, 2001 7:22 am

Hey guys, being so bored this evening i was looking up air fares to MAN. Then i stumbled across an idea, trying to find the lowest fare around the world!

EG, using Yahoo only, find the best prices for flights all the way from your home airport, around the world and back again.

The only rules are that you use Yahoo travel to find your fares, you do your world trip in less than 7 days, all routes must be taken by air and it must lead to and from your home airport, flying the whole way round the world (along the lines of latitude, or is it longitude?), every overnight stop at an airport is $50.

Supply as much data as possible, Flight Dates, times, airline price(!!) etc hell even the aircraft!

Be sure to check both one-way and Roundtrip fares, i have found that most times roundtrip is cheaper than one way.

Here's mine:

BRS-AMS $183 (roundtrip) - Wednesday, Oct 31 at 6:05am KLM Fokker 50

AMS-BOS $274 (roundtrip) - Wednesday, Oct 31 at 2:25pm Arr: 4:20pm (oct 31). DC-10 NWA

BOS-LAX $278 (roundtrip) - Wednesday, Oct 31 at 5:30pm Arr: 8:51pm (oct 31). B767 AA

Night at LAX $50

LAX-TPE-BKK $611 (roundtrip) - Thursday, Nov 01 at 3:25pm Arr: (TPE) 8:10pm (Nov 2nd). B747 China Airlines. Depart: (TPE) Friday, Nov 02 at 9:55pm Arr: (BKK) 12:45am (Nov 3rd) B747 China Airlines.

BKK-LHR $893 (roundtrip) - Saturday, Nov 03 at 11:35am Arr: 5:30pm (Nov 3rd) B747 BA

LHR-MAN $80 (roundtrip) - Saturday, Nov 03 at 8:45pm Arr: 9:40pm (Nov 3rd) B757 BA

2 Nights at MAN $100

MAN-BRS $128 (roundtrip) - Monday, Nov 05 at 11:15am Arr: 12:10pm (Nov 5th) Dash 8 BA

OVERALL PRICE: $2597 (£1828.29)



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RE: Lets Play The Round The World Game!

Tue Aug 14, 2001 9:28 am

Why are you doing roundtrip tickets? are they cheaper than one way? Just wondering
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RE: Lets Play The Round The World Game!

Tue Aug 14, 2001 3:29 pm

They're cheaper usually but if the airline catches you not using the 2nd segment of your flight they may give you trouble next time you want to check in with them.

I don't have the time to do this now, but I've heard of United pricing fares LAX-IAD, via HKG, DEL and LHR the same as a non-stop. Then add a non-stop return IAD-LAX and you're set.

If I could find that on Yahoo that'd be a sure winner.

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