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MTV Video Music Awards.

Mon Sep 10, 2001 6:11 am

Did you like the show (those of you that watched it)?

Jamie's Foxx's opening....very good.
missy elliot... nice touch.
N'sync.... not a bad showing.
Tenacious D... I think they need valium. Mr. Black, relax!

FaTBoY SliM + Christopher Walken made a killing and deserved it!

Choosing Brittney to end was just terrible. The song stunk and show did her show. They should have finished with U2 at the end!

Jayzee's show was schweet, dontcha think?
AND DON'T forget MOBY!!!! and GWEN!!!

Anyway, I thought the commercials kicked ass.

Did anyone notice the Roxio Commercial? It featured a few scenes at an airport along with some planes in the background. Nice touch.

Well, did you guys like it??

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