Love To America

Wed Sep 12, 2001 7:19 pm

I am decimated, I can't realize that all this is real. I'm feeling sick, I've never been so sad before.

Hundreds of persons onboard these 4 planes, thousands, perhaps tens of thousands in the towers and in the Pentagon, hundreds of rescuers who rushed to provide help and were annihilated under the buildings, all this is unbearable. I can't cope with it; who could cope?

Even if it is derisory, I think every human being, every member of mankind, should decrete today a day of mourning.
It is a day of deep sadness, of infinite sadness. The number of victims and the hell they had to suffer are uncatchable notions, but the terrible blow to the free world is already understandable. America is not a mere "symbol" of liberty, it is its incarnation on Earth, it is THE country where everybody can have his chance. It is the country whose youth has been sacrificed twice in a half century to liberate Europe.

It will be painful to see Manhattan without the twin towers, they were so impressive, so elegant, so beautiful. They were the fruit of the American genius, of the American success story; this success that makes so many jealous and frustrated around the globe, at different level. Europeans are suffering of a kind of inferiority complex towards America, but the Arab and Islamic world is getting crazily and blindly heinous against all these successful infidels.

The most wonderful city in the world, financial capital of the greatest country, has been hit by an apocalypse. Through her, it's the whole free world that has been hit and should feel this way.

Some sub-human shit are able to be "happy" to see so much sufferings, distributing sweeties on the streets; some bastard governments are making big efforts to get nuclear bombs. If we don't act to stop them, they will destruct the whole United States (and btw the rest of the world) the same way they destructed Manhattan's South End.

In these terrible moments I want to express here my infinite pain, and all my love to America and its generous people.


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