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I Dont Believe This

Fri Sep 14, 2001 3:26 am

this evening i was looking on the television.what i do fore the last days.there whas a program on it,that say that there are peopel,that are selling on internet sides,like e-bay.souveniers frome the world trade center.tickets frome the day.newspapers,and other stuf.i dont now if this is thrue.but when this happends.i have now good word fore this peopel.shame on them.do this peopel dont have respect.sorry to say this.
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RE: I Dont Believe This

Fri Sep 14, 2001 4:00 am

What the hell is wrong with people?

I can understand doing that with something from WWI or II or a foreign war, but not from something that just happened 3 days ago!

Just goes to show you that there are people out there wanting to make a quit buck any way they can, it's too bad we've got people in America like that. Shame on them.
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RE: I Dont Believe This

Fri Sep 14, 2001 5:01 am

These jearks will do anything for money.

RE: I Dont Believe This

Fri Sep 14, 2001 5:04 am

Ebay removed the morons.
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RE: I Dont Believe This

Fri Sep 14, 2001 12:05 pm

Sadly this is not unique to this catastrophe.
One example I have is when John Lennon was murdered. I was supervisor for several stores at the time, and the tabloids printed pictures of his body. I told the news delivery people to not bother trying to deliver these rags as they would be refused. This type of voyeuristic garbage happens often.
Kudos to EBay for removing these vipers (apologies to snakes) from their site.
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RE: I Dont Believe This

Fri Sep 14, 2001 12:50 pm

This is just as bad as those gas stations jacking up their prices really high. That's pretty bad too.
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