Sonique - Why 2 Different Video Clips?

Tue Oct 02, 2001 1:25 am

The other day I was using Morpheus to download a Sonique video clip for the song "It feels so good".

When it had finished downloading, and I watched it, I was left wondering whether they somehow got the wrong video for the right song.

The reason being, down here in Aussie, when I have seen this song on Channel V, and also on commercial TV stations, the video has featured what is implied to be 2 gay guys dancing "close" and 2 gals dancing together. Later in the clip they swap and all that.

Anyway, I found out that the film clip which I downloaded, which is pretty much centred around a diner, is the American version of the video, and that those Americans who I asked about it, have not seen the "standard" video which we get down here.

I don't know if (what I call) the gay version of the video is only shown here in Australia, or if it is also played elsewhere, but it took my interest as to why the American version is very sterile, and so different to what the "rest of the world" gets to see. Why is this?

Also, if anyone knows where I can get an mpg of the "gay" version from (will be around 35mb in size) let me know.
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RE: Sonique - Why 2 Different Video Clips?

Tue Oct 02, 2001 3:08 am

I didn't know that. But I know that Nelly Furtado's Turn Off The Lights has 2 videos.

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